SAS Visual Analytics & Big Data

  • 3ª, 4ª e 5ª feira, 26, 27 e 28 de Abril de 2016

  • Entre as 14h30 e as 17horas

  • Local: F.2.5

Sobre a formação:
  • Part 1: Intro to SAS Visual Analytics
An introduction to SAS Visual Analytics designed to familiarize users with the environment and creating charts.
  • Part 2: Choosing Appropriate Visualization
Learn how to answer specific questions using SAS VA’s data visualization capabilities by critically and creatively identifying which types of charts and graphs are better in answering specific business questions.
  • Part 3: Designing Business Intelligence Reports
Learn what information is needed for a specific decision-making situation and how to convey it in an easy-to-understand manner within a specific Business Intelligence report.
  • Part 4: Using Data Visualization for Problem Solving
Learn how to draw conclusions by answering specific questions using data visualization and conducting analytics.

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